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Payroll timesheets that track employee hours, leave, accruals, and adjustments
Provides trackable workflow for employee timesheet submission, Supervisor approvals and Payroll approvals
Cost-effectively integrates payroll timesheet data with more than 250 payroll systems
Collecting payroll timesheet data became a lot easier :-
With Clockware you can automate and streamline the time tracking process for payroll. Automated notifications and reminders, multiple timesheet styles for different types of users, Approver Dashboards, Roles-based Security, the ability to manage employees by Group or Division, all in one system to ensure that timesheets are completed, submitted and approved on time for payroll.
Providing you the payroll data you need :-
Clockware can be configured with the correct time period definitions for your payroll (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly). Track regular time and calculate overtime hours, pay rates by project or task. Clockware adjustments allow you maintain an audit trail for corrections and update your payroll for necessary changes.
Tracking leave accruals and usage :-
Clockware provides maximum visibility into accruals and balances. Managers can monitor and approve leave and employees can check available leave balances. Employee requests that violate balances can receive system warnings or rejections.
Payroll manager's friend :-
Clockware is perhaps the greatest tool for a payroll manager. You can manage, review and approve timesheet data in a special Timebank payroll module. Run reports by Employee or Group on balances, regular time, overtime, or other exceptions. And most important, you can integrate with any major payroll service when you are ready to export employee hours.