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For call center, non-exempt and other hourly workers
Web-based Systems for Speed & Flexibility.
Today's call centers and non-exempt workforces might have a variety of employees conducted diverse sets of tasks in multiple locations.
Paper timesheets and legacy time clocks provide no real time or historical reporting.
Integration with call center and other systems is now becoming an essential management tool.
Clockware can show you how.
Clockware's 100% web-based time and attendance tracking systems provide:
Multiple timesheet styles for different users :
Punch in / Punch out digital time clock attendance timesheets.
Extensive tracking of comments and independent attributes such as location, calling or other handling codes, department, and others.
Punch in / Punch out of tasks and activities.
Extensive leave and exception time tracking, e.g. vacation, sick, comp/flextime tracking.
Highly scalable and flexible to grow with your business.
Key features :
Easy-to-use day/week/time period navigation.
Support multiple time periods in same system, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly.
Flexible labor and overtime rules support.
Self-service feedback to employees on available leave or comp/flex time balances.
User timesheet summary reports.
Schedule deviation reports.
Timesheet Payroll integration and integration with scheduling applications.