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Project time tracking best practices
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MS Project integration module
Global teams and complex projects make keeping projects on time and within budget difficult. Many project time tracking methods do not provide easy access to project data. Paper timesheets requiring double-data-entry generate errors and mistakes. Excel timesheets are not much better, often requiring a complicated consolidation of emailed or faxed documents.
Clockware's 100% web-based project time tracking software is highly scalable, user friendly and affordable. Assign projects to your existing resources and groups. Track customer project portfolios by resource allocation, costs, and activities down to the sub-task level. Monitor project progress using percent complete and other performance measurements. Customize your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with up to nine hierarchy levels. Self-service features feedback to project teams their utilization and productivity rates, and available exception time balances such as vacation, sick or other leave time. An MS Project integration module performs bi-directional database integration, allowing for additional resource and project management analytics, forecasting and project planning. The MS Project integration module comes bundled with Clockware's project time tracking system and is easy to install and configure. Clockware supports nearly 100 currencies, time, date and number formats.