"Choosing Clockware's leading web-based time and work tracking software was based upon careful evaluation. We are very happy with our choice. Our major goal was to find a time reporting system that was easy to install and easy to manage. Volvo IT North America has several locations in the US with more 2,500 people, so we especially wanted a product that could be easily deployed throughout the organization that our people could easily access, whether they were in the office, on-the-road or telecommuting."

John Lindberg Software Systems Engineer Volvo Corporation of North America
Welcome to Tock 4.5 Online System Walkthrough Center
We have created several walkthroughs to give you a sense of the range of functionality of the products. Quickly walkthrough system features for:
Clockware's web-based timesheet, project time tracking, and time and attendance solutions achieve a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) through reduced maintenance costs, simplified adminstration, automated approvals, streamlined payroll integration, and real time management reporting.
New changes in Version 4.5
  • There is a new sub module named “Expense” added to the Timesheet module in this version. The Expense module as the name suggests is about   expense tracking for employees. With expense tracker companies can more easily record and monitor employee spending on items such as airline tickets, meals, mileage etc.
  • There are export /import options for Expense as for other modules.
  •   There is a report option for expenses. Reports can be viewed for expenses according to their status (submitted, unsubmitted, approved, rejected) for a single user or group for a chosen time period.
  • An option for giving rights to run expense report has been added in the Admin>Security>Edit User Roles>Edit page.
  • Two new fields for entering the date of joining for a user and entering the expense limit have been added in the Admin>User page. These feature enable tracking of length of employment and check expense limit respectively.
  • The “Balance” module has been renamed as “Time balance” in this version.
  • The Time balance module has new concepts like business rules and accruals.
  • Business rules can be added for groups so that users can accrue balances and paid time offs as per the business rules.
  • Instead of manually updating balances, balance updation for users is automatic in this version.
  • A checkbox option has been added in the Admin>Preference to start the job runner for automatic updation.
  • The look and feel for the entire software is changed to make it appear more exquisite and friendly.
  • Fixed a bug in which a user’s custom field entries were erased automatically.