"Choosing Clockware's leading web-based time and work tracking software was based upon careful evaluation. We are very happy with our choice. Our major goal was to find a time reporting system that was easy to install and easy to manage. Volvo IT North America has several locations in the US with more 2,500 people, so we especially wanted a product that could be easily deployed throughout the organization that our people could easily access, whether they were in the office, on-the-road or telecommuting."

John Lindberg Software Systems Engineer Volvo Corporation of North America

Clockware Tock 4.5 Read Me

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Welcome to Tock, by Clockware. Tock allows your employees to record their time and attendance information with a simple, intuitive Web interface. Tock is a robust and highly-scalable application that fits into your enterprise. Tock embeds the high performance MySQL database. Tock is compatible with the following browsers:

  •  Internet Explorer 7 and newer
  • Safari 3.2 and newer
  • Google Chrome

Getting Started

Once installed, you can access Tock from anywhere on your network using a link of the form:


where localhost should be replaced by the host name of the machine running the Tock service. Login with the user name 'admin' (without the quotes) and the password 'admin' (without the quotes). Don't forget to change the password for this account at some point, which can be done from the Admin > Users page.

Once you have logged into Tock you should configure your system following the information in the Quick Start Guide.

Tock is installed as a service so that it will start automatically when your computer starts. You can manually start and stop Tock on Windows from the Start menu > Programs > Tock > Control shortcut, or from the Windows Services control panel. On UNIX systems use a command shell and cd to the Tock installation directory (e.g. /opt/Clockware/Tock) and execute the command:

./bin/tock_svc -start

to start Tock, or the command:

./bin/tock_svc -stop

to stop Tock.

Upgrading From a Previous Version of Tock

If you already had Tock 4.0 or later installed then the Tock installer will automatically upgrade your installation. or are running an older version of Tock, then there a few steps you must manually perform to finish upgrading your system.

Tock installs the MySQL database by default, which is a high performance open source relational database.


Changing the HTTP Port

Tock installs the Tomcat application server, and by default listens for HTTP requests on port 8080. If you want to change the port number Tock uses you need to modify the file <tock-install-dir>/conf/server.xml. Search for "8080" in this file and you will find instructions on how to change the port. Essentially you just change the "port" attribute of the <Connector> tag to the value you want. Note that you will need to restart the Tock service afterwards.

Changing the MySQL Port

Tock installs the MySQL relational database, and it listens for database requests on its default TCP/IP port 3306. If you want to listen on another port you need to modify two files. First change the port parameter in <tock-install-dir>/mysql/data/my.cnf to your desired port. Next modify the port number in the DATASOURCE property of the <tock-install-dir>/clockware/config/tock.cfg file. Note that you will need to restart the Tock service afterwards.


Please refer to the Change Log for information on changes in this version.


Customer support information can be found on the web at http://www.clockware.com/timesheet_support/support_overview.html.