"Choosing Clockware's leading web-based time and work tracking software was based upon careful evaluation. We are very happy with our choice. Our major goal was to find a time reporting system that was easy to install and easy to manage. Volvo IT North America has several locations in the US with more 2,500 people, so we especially wanted a product that could be easily deployed throughout the organization that our people could easily access, whether they were in the office, on-the-road or telecommuting."

John Lindberg Software Systems Engineer Volvo Corporation of North America
Entering Expenses
To enter the expense modules click on the Expense button available in the timesheet page.
Once you click on this button you come to the Expense module.
Adding, editing and removing expenses
To add a new expense click on the plus sign button (E) .On clicking this the add expense popup appears
You can enter your expense details here and save it.
To edit an expense select an expense and click on (F) .The expense edit popup will appear and you can edit the needful.
In the same way to remove an expense select the expense and click on (G).
Save and submit expenses.
When you submit an expense detail, and if it is accepted by the system, then the expense will become locked as you can see the lock icon becomes locked. Similar to timesheet, all data will become read-only and you will not be able make any changes to it. You can still navigate the other expense details.
Viewing Expense status
Expense details created can have either of the four status types. You can view expense details status wise by selecting each status type in the Show option available in the expense page. The statuses are as follows:
The expenses which are not submitted fall under this category. You can create new expenses here and submit them for approval. You can add, edit and delete expenses in this section.
This section displays the expenses which are submitted. These are locked from further modifications and you can only be view them.
The expenses which are rejected by approver(s) in the approval section appear in this section. You can edit and re-submit your expense details for further approval. You can create, edit and delete expenses in this section.
The expenses which are approved by the approver appear in this section. You can only view them and these are locked from modifications.