"Choosing Clockware's leading web-based time and work tracking software was based upon careful evaluation. We are very happy with our choice. Our major goal was to find a time reporting system that was easy to install and easy to manage. Volvo IT North America has several locations in the US with more 2,500 people, so we especially wanted a product that could be easily deployed throughout the organization that our people could easily access, whether they were in the office, on-the-road or telecommuting."

John Lindberg Software Systems Engineer Volvo Corporation of North America
Tock 4.5 Balance Guide
Entering Balance
You have access to balance module if you have admin rights.
Click on the Admin button on the horizontal navigation bar.
Next click the balance icon available in the left panel.
Now you can see the balance administration page.
The balance main page displays the default balances by the system.
There are two links in this page.
1. Add new balance type
2. Edit user balances
To add a balance click on “Add new balance type” Now you can see the balance properties page. In this page, you can create a new balance by entering the required fields.
Name- You can enter the balance name here.
Description- You can enter the balance description in this field.
Enabled-Select this field to enable the balance.
Accrual plan-The accrual plan popup appears on clicking this button.
Accrual plan popup
The accrual plan has two sections. The first section has option as to when the accrual process will be starting for the users i.e.
after the selected time range from the date of joining in the organization or immediately from the joining date in the organization.
Select either of the two fields from the first section as per your requirement.
The second section has options to determine in which format the accruals will be accrued i.e.
weekly, biweekly, semi monthly, quad weekly or yearly.
Select any one of the five fields as required. Now click the Ok button to save the application. After setting the accrual plan you can create business rules for the balance. The Business rules determine the criteria for determining the users who will be applicable for the balance accrual. For creating a business rule click on the “New” button.
The business rule popup has five fields .
Business rule-You can enter the name for the business here.
Group-You can select the group for which the business rule is to be applicable If you don’t select a group then the system
will consider the rule for all groups in application.
User Role-You can select an user role for which the business rule to be applicable. If you don’t select a role then the system
will consider “User” as the default role.
Length of employment-The users having length of employment within the entered range in this field will be
applicable for the business rule.
Rate of accrual-You can enter the number of hours here which would be accrued by the users periodically.         
The rules created will appear in the balance properties page when they are selected in dropdown as shown in the figure.
You can enable/disable the rules as needed by selecting or deselecting the Enable field.c. Rules can be edited and deleted with the edit and delete button available for rules as shown in the figure.
Limit - You set global limits for balances. If this limit is exceeded by the respective users then a warning message will appear provided you select the “Warn of changes that exceed these limits” option.
Work Item-The wok items can be selected by clicking on the plus sign button.
Here you should select only exceptions.
The work items selected will appear in the list box.
The work items can be deleted by selecting the work item to be deleted and clicking on the minus sign button.
The whole application is saved by clicking the Ok button.
You can thus create a balance with accrual plan and business rule .
The balance created will appear in the Balance properties with the necessary details as in the figure.
The balance properties can be edited by clicking on the edit button and deleted by clicking on the Delete button.
Finally you can start the accrual engine by selecting the “Activate / Inactivate scheduler program for auto updation of user balance
field in Admin < Balance < Preference.
Here you can select the balance and the respective group for which you want to see the balance updations.
All the users falling under the selected criteria with their respective balances will appear here as in the figure.
To view and/or edit individual user balance settings click on the “Options” button for the respective user.
You can see the user balance popup.
This user balance popup displays the following fields.
 As of -This field displays current date by default for which the user balance is displayed.
 Enabled- This field shows whether the balance is enabled or disabled for the user.
“From”-This field displays the date from which the accrual process has been initiated for the user.
It is the date as per the accrual plan settings for the balance.
“To”- This field determines the date till which the accrual process is to be run for this user.
Limit-By default this field displays the limit as set in the balance.
You can edit the range and the user balance will be restricted within this range.
If it exceeds the range a warning message will be displayed for the user provided the
“Warn of changes that exceed these limits”
is selected for this balance.
The user can view his balance details and status by clicking his name which is a link as shown in the figure.
This will display the user summary report with all the balance details.