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Our ASP Service is going to be Upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4 Version within a few Months
Clockware Timesheets 4.4 provides several timesheet and time tracking styles that support hourly and exempt workers.
Clockware Timesheets 4.4 integrates with more payroll, accounting and project management systems than any other
time tracking application.
Clockware Timesheets 4.4 technology is the only time tracking system that is J2EE compliant, providing the most
highly scalable and easily configurable time and attendance, project time tracking and leave tracking platform in industry
Web based time entry with any leading browser
Work Attribute features include: customer list, location, work order, project number, and other
configurable list attributes
Employee leave tracking
Payroll/HR integration
More than 75 regional settings
Multi-currency support
Bi-directional MS Project integration
Powerful role-based security and ability to create custom roles
Simple intuitive design
Customizable time sheet styles
Flexible time sheet rules
Email Notifications to drive timesheet collection and approval
Flexible approval routing and line item approvals
Summary level approval
Powerful group structure and work breakdown structure
Flexible task-based and user-based billing rates
What's New in Tock 4.4
There are three new types of timesheet styles: 1) Day View, 2) Day View In/Out and 3) Punch In/Out.
Current users of Tock who find they are putting many rows on their timesheet may be interested the Day View as it will load and save much more quickly. The other two styles are for employees that need to keep track of their in and out times.
Custom fields for work items, users and groups have been completely modified. You can have unlimited numbers of custom fields now (rather than the previous limit of 4). Custom fields have data types now, with support for text, integer, numeric, date and time fields. Text type fields can be up to 2000 characters (rather than the previous limit of 40 characters).
There is a new timekeeper timesheet called "Group Timesheet". This allows a timekeeper to enter time for multiple users from a single screen. This is available from the Timekeep tab when the timekeeper logs into Tock.
The work item chooser has been improved to show more information, as well as allow recursive searching of all child work items.
You can list the groups a user is assigned to, as well as assign groups to the user (from the Admin > Users > Assign Groups page). Previously you could only assign users to groups (from the Admin > Groups > Assign Users page), and there was no straightforward way to list all the groups a user was a member.
You can list the work items a user is assigned to, as well as assign work items to the user (from the Admin > Users > Assign Work Items page). Previously you could only assign users to work items (from the Admin > Work Items > Assign Users page), and there was no way to list all the work items assigned to a user.
Approvers can now delete listed timesheets. This makes it convenient if you want to delete a user completely from Tock: you can first delete all of their timesheets then delete the user. Previously you could only inactivate a user with timesheets.
Due to inflation, work item and employee bill rate fields allow larger values now (up to 15 digits) in Tock 4.4.